Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cutting Back Mother-In-Laws Tongue

 Don’t worry my wonderful mother-in-law, Jan, is safe. Sansevieria trifasciata, a plant better known as mother-in-laws tongue is one of my favorite house plants.  It tolerates neglect and low sunlight and is the ultimate plant for someone who just can’t seem to get anything to stay alive.
Mine, as you can see got a little out of control. I couldn’t find a good visual out there on pruning this plant, but I did read that you could simply cut back the fronds in the same shape as they grow. I tried it for myself cutting a few fronds into points. A couple of months later the plant is still as hardy as ever.

Now that I know this plant truly is indestructible I plan on being a little more aggressive with my pruning. I did read that this may stunt the original mother plant, but force new shoots to grow.  With any luck I should be able to split it later this summer and share with family and friends.

What are your favorite house plants?

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  1. I have a few of those - this is good to know!

    Morgan @