Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Work In Progress-The Wall

Ever since we bought the house I have wanted to make a gallery wall in our front hall. Because of how the basement door opens and how much stuff we lug up and down the stairs there really isn’t room for a bench or table. This space really needs some wall art. Getting pictures into frames is a process for me and displaying the mismatch frames in a pleasing way scared me. So many holes…... Then I saw a gallery ledge on Pinterest and knew I had the answer. With a ledge I could easily switch my arrangement as many times as I wanted without the risk of adding new holes. I would love to stack three ledges here just because I’ve found that number to be pleasing to the eye. However I’m going to start with one eight foot ledge and go from there.

I saw a few ledges, but decided to make my own when I saw Ana White’s plans for a DIY $10 ledge. My lumber cost a little more, but it was still much cheaper than anything else I’ve seen. Thanks to some help from my brother and his Kreg Jig it was put together fairly quickly. Weeks later it is still sitting in our basement waiting to be sanded and painted. I’ll get to it soon…I hope…

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