Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Things Friday

1)They’ve captured live video of a giant squid. Isn’t it crazy that it took us this long to actually document an animal of this size? It makes my head spin thinking of all the things we don’t know and haven’t seen.

 2)My DVR is capturing all the bad reality TV that has started again. I love The Biggest Loser. The physical changes are amazing, but why I really watch for is the inspiration you get from watching people finally believe they are capable of doing anything they put their mind to. We need to be reminded of this in a world where so many things still need to be changed.

 3)I like the new containers for my plants I bought at IKEA. The price point was good and these are classics that can work in every room of my house.
4)I don’t know if I’m excited about this, but I’m always wondered what things would be different for my children growing up then they were for me. I’m starting to believe they will never work with a computer mouse and they will think of it like a rotary phone. Do you think everything will move to touch screen in the next ten years?

 5) This mild January weather is really working for me. Sunny and above freezing is the best I can ask for from a Minnesota winter.

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